Trunk Cases – the perfect protection for your equipment

Whether it is on the road, in the band practice room or in the tour van if your equipment is not securely stowed, it will rapidly be damaged or lost. As such, for larger equipment or for many accessories, the trunk style is the most suitable flight case.

  • Live Trunk

    From: 155,00 

    The perfect trunk for all your accessories

    • 7mm birch plywood
    • 30x30mm aluminum edge protector
    • Medium ball corners and L-corners
  • Profi Trunk

    From: 278,00 

    The all-rounder for your equipment

    • 9mm birch plywood
    • Anti-slip strips made from 18 mm birch plywood
    • Large ball corners, 6-hole L-corners
  • Heavy Trunk

    From: 392,00 

    The most durable trunk

    • Virtually indestructible
    • 35x35x3mm aluminum extrusions with rivets
    • Anti-slip strips made from 18mm birch plywood